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consulting // coaching

Hop on a call with Julia and get actionable tips and recommendations you can use right away to amp up your marketing.

How it works:
1. You tell Julia a bit about your business and your pain points.
2. Julia will ask you strategic questions about your marketing and your business in general. (Things like ABCD: Audience, Budgets, Current efforts, Desired outcomes, etc.)
3. You answer those questions to the best of your ability. You won't know all the answers and that's okay, it's why we're here.
4. Julia gives you meaningful advice and marketing insights tailored to your specific business and situation. In most cases, they will be immediate things that you can start doing to increase your business that day.
5. You implement these action steps and see your marketing (and business) take off!

Phone or video call:  $200/hr

In-person meeting:  $300/hr

advertising campaigns

We're all about the big insight (and then the big idea) in everything we do, especially in integrated advertising campaigns.

We take a holistic approach using art directors, writers and strategists to ensure creative, insightful, on-target advertising combined with media placement recommendations that resonate with your audience.

Plus, our ROSI Test double-checks that we only present you with effective, memorable campaigns that you and your audience will fall in love with.

small business package [digital] growing business package growing business package established business package
perfect for businesses that want the benefits of a juicy, insightful ad campaign without spending a lot on media placement. perfect for businesses looking for a more robust, integrated campaign to target online leads and take their sales to the next level perfect for businesses looking for a more robust, integrated campaign to reach a wide audience and increase awareness of their brand perfect for established brands with a marketing lead or department that's serious about boosting sales, brand awareness, and overall business.
campaign insight
ROSI Tested for results
campaign logo
campaign tagline
digital ads 3 3 3+
print ads 3 3+
audio scripts
(radio/podcast/spotify ad)
1 3+
audio production (upgrade available) 0+
(available, but not included in base price)
tv ads 0+
sizes provided per ad 1 3 3 3+
holistic media
placement consultation
media buying
$540 $1,105 $1,235 $3,510+

facebook ad management

This is a premium service reserved for businesses serious about growth.

Due to the inherent cost commitment of paid ads, this service is only beneficial to businesses planning to bring in >$10,000 in gross monthly revenue. 


Our social media launch kit for businesses of all sizes. We'll take care of everything you need to start gaining customers from Instagram, including:

  • Profile creation (signing up, uploading logo, writing an enticing description) 
  • Your first 9 posts
  • Custom branded layout templates for Instagram in your choice of program: InDesign, Canva, or Adobe Spark Post. This way you can easily reuse the templates for future posts.
  • Coaching session so you can confidently and effortlessly take over your account and keep attracting followers
  • Your first 1,000 followers within 3-5 weeks (all within your target audience, not fake accounts)
  • Optional: upgrades like more posts; more followers; integration with Shopify, Facebook, and Twitter; etc.

Starting at $1,495.

branding + design kit

The difference between a recognizable brand and a forgettable one is consistent branding. We'll create a holistic, cohesive brand that's ready for even the most complex integrated advertising plans.


  • A custom logo crafted with thought and meaning.
  • Branded templates in standard sizes and formats for social media, print ads, and digital ads.
  • Branding standards, including:
    • brand colours
    • brand tone & voice
    • brand typography
    • strategic target audience
    • imagery and layout standards
  • Brand guideline book for future reference and simplified brand cohesion.

Starting at $2,340.

rebranding // brand refresh

Everything in our branding + design kit, but built as a refresh of your current brand, or as a new concept with your company's specific experience and insights at the core of our process. 

Starting at $2,340.


Get the beautiful online presence you need within 2 weeks. Whether it's a blog, an informational site, an online shop, or something entirely new, we'll get your website up and running with intuitive, accessible features. All our websites are:

  • responsive (mobile-friendly)
  • easy for you to update (we'll coach you if you'd like)
  • SEO-optimized

Starting at $1,950.