Should You Use AdWords? Find Out Now

Google would have you thinking that every crafter and coffee shop owner should be on AdWords. But is that really the case? Find out now.

Who Should Advertise with Google AdWords?

Big-Ticket Sellers

Big-ticket businesses like wedding photographers, and anyone whose typical customer is going to spend at least $1,000 in their lifetime towards your business. Why? Because you'll quickly find that it's very expensive to gain leads through Google AdWords. While each click may only cost you a few cents to a few bucks, you can spend hundreds of dollars acquiring just one lead that actually turns into a client. But if your customer is paying you more than enough to compensate for this expense, Google AdWords is a great way to get new clients.

Tried and Tested

I worked with a wedding photographer on his digital marketing strategy, and we tried the usual free marketing techniques: Instagram, blogging, Facebook posts, you name it. We reached a lot of people. However, not many of them turned into customers. Where does he get 90% of his customers from? Google AdWords. For us, the use of Google AdWords was a fast way to be seen on Google. It can take weeks or months for SEO to put you on the first page of Google. Or you can immediately get on the first page of Google with AdWords. When wedding packages cost thousands of dollars, spending a hundred bucks or so is a great way to acquire leads and it takes very little effort on the part of the business owner.

Who Shouldn't Advertise with Google Adwords?

Small-Ticket Sellers

Anyone whose average customer spends only a few dollars should stay far, far away from Google AdWords. Simply do not use this service. You will spend far more money acquiring leads than you will make in sales from them.

Here's an example:

Let's say you have a small novelty jewelry store that sells miniature hamburger earrings for $15. It makes absolutely no sense to spend hundreds of dollars acquiring one customer, especially because they're unlikely to turn into a lifetime purchaser of novelty hamburger jewelry. In the best case scenario, they'll tell some friends, who will tell some friends, and you'll make a few hundred bucks from their endorsement. You've now just broken even on acquiring that first hamburger earring sale. Not good.

Advertising Options for Small-Ticket Sellers

Social Media

So if you sell small-ticket items, what marketing options do you have? One option is social media. Social media is wonderful because it costs as much as you want it to. You can spend $0 on media placement, or you can spend hundreds or thousands of dollars if you wish.

Paid Social Media Ads

If you spend money on paid social media advertisements ("sponsored" ads), you usually gain access to very detailed analytics of how effective your ads were and how much you paid per lead. You can then adjust your ad expenditure to ensure you're not spending too much per lead. However, you may find that you're paying almost as much as you paid in Google ads to acquire a single lead. For this reason, it's great that social media gives you the option to spend no money at all.

A Solid Ad Strategy

Another great option for small-ticket sellers is implementing a solid digital strategy. Strategy requires you to think about who your key customers are, and how you can cleverly reach them without spending much money. Not sure where to begin? No problem! this is excellent at finding penny-pinching ways to reach out to your key consumers. We love solving problems, and ad strategy could really be called "problem solving for advertising."


In a word, strategize. Google AdWords can be expensive, but it can also save lots of time and money on developing organic Search Engine Optimization. Implement a strong digital strategy to ensure you're spending a proportionate amount on lead generation so you can keep your business profitable. If Google AdWords isn't for you, try social media, which can be used effectively for free.